Quality in Europe

We select European companies with outstanding qualities, in our view. We define quality as the combination of excellent corporate governance and structural competitive advantages. As such strict ESG criteria are an integral part of our investment process.


Skin in the game

The Katko Capital’s founder and his family are significant investors in the Katko Fund. Our fee-structure is also designed to preserve investors interests: we charge no performance fees, no entry/exit fees and no trading fees. We aim at avoiding permanent capital loss: we neither rely on leverage nor on derivatives to generate performance. All our investment decisions are focused on long-term wealth creation.

Good Governance

A good alignment of interests between shareholders, managers and employees is a must. We rely on the Katko governance proprietary rating framework to identify best-in-class companies.

Growth & Value

We like businesses with growth but not any kind of growth. We look for companies displaying a clearly defined competitive edge leading to structural market share gains. We invest in businesses only when valuation is attractive.

Long Term

We always intend to invest for the long-term and avoid being distracted by short-term trading.


We have designed a rigorous investment process leading to a portfolio of around 20 companies.