Rigorous investment

Market Screening

Looking for businesses combining superior cross—cycle ROIC, free-cash-flow generation and revenue growth.

Proprietary Katko
governance rating tool

Katko Capital only selects highly rated companies. Our rating framework assesses how governance is structured between a company’s board and its entire operational decision-making processes. Environmental and social criteria contribute to the overall governance rating.

Proprietary investment cases

Katko Capital investment decisions purely rely on in-house strategic and financial research reports. Our convictions are built independently from the sell-side and corporate communication.

Research Advisory Board

Robustness of investments cases are challenged by the Katko Capital Research Advisory Board.

Risk management

Katko Capital focuses on liquid stocks and minimizes risk of permanent capital loss by avoiding financial leverage and not trading derivative instruments.

This process leads to the construction of the Katko Fund‘s portfolio of around 20 positions